L2GREENWORLD High Five Server 50x

L2 GreenWorld Craft & PvP server
Chronicle: High Five

Exp: x50
SP: x50
Drop: x20
Spoil: x20
Adena: x15
Raid Boss Drop: x5
Grand Boss Jewels: x1
Chance craft rare item: 5%
Chance of attribute stones 60%
Chance of attribute crystals 50%

Premium character:
Rate Xp = 2.0x
Rate Sp = 2.0x
Rate Drop = 2.0x
Rate Spoil = 2.0x
Rate Adena = 2.0x
Better chance +3% for craft rare items
Better chance +2% for double craft items
Normal Enchant chance +2%
Blessed Enchant chance +5%

more information about server settings here


We have a great and extremely trustworthy community that follows our server from the very beginning. We have online server with specific characteristics to promote the best environment, depending on your play style.High Five server is a mid rate PVP server for those who likes to pvp, but don’t really want a really high rate server and all the issues that they usually.

Bot and Hack Protection

Our server is protected from most BOT software's and Hacking tools and we are constantly updating our anti-bot system. The simple attempt to login to any of our servers using an illegal software will result on banning all the accounts logged by that user on any of our the server. In addition to our anti-bot system, server administrators regularly runs a checkup on the servers looking for players who might be using bots or any sort of hacking tools.

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